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2018-04-18 (07:52 PM) x
(8167402543) Call girl:
Sex and bad words

2018-03-29 (06:25 PM) x
(8442270730) Ann:
Possible scammer / bill collector. Bill owed to somewhere I’ve never been, no information given due to hipa, suspect bull.

2018-03-28 (07:04 PM) x
(8554331666) scam:

2018-03-16 (05:44 PM) x
(9184309590) fger:

2018-03-15 (09:44 PM) x
(9185849142) Unknown Male:
Extremely pleasant person that accidentally called me about some IT equipment. Since his number was also from the OKC area we spoke about our love for local cuisine and how great it was where he is currently working. Definitely not spam, but would talk to him againd. Nice guy and he sounds hot.

2018-03-12 (05:45 AM) x
(7808409131) Raman kumar:
location search

2018-03-11 (01:25 PM) x
(9855727729) Randeep singh:
Address fathegarh sahib

2018-03-10 (06:42 PM) x
(9895595553) hgjg:

2018-03-10 (06:32 AM) x
(4253120766) gowri swaminathan:
urgent to knwo

2018-03-10 (04:05 AM) x
(8808067818) xzy:
pareshan kar raha h

2018-03-9 (03:50 PM) x
(9137648255) NEO:

2018-03-9 (12:23 PM) x
(2183712854) jamal ansari:
jamal ansari

2018-03-9 (07:41 AM) x
(7064116414) SK MUKTAR:
my name SK Muktar my area air tel manager

2018-03-8 (08:13 AM) x
(7627015696) sonu:

2018-03-1 (09:42 PM) x
(8444478747) name:
SCAM - pretending to be a PSEG office telling us we have an outstanding balance... when I told them my account is on auto payment plan and there was no way to have a balance conversation went south :) call back PSEG on their customer service line just to make sure and they confirmed it was a scam call. Never trust anyone always call back to the number you see on the bill.

2018-03-1 (05:31 AM) x
(6362061652) Joey broker:
I need to find him out

2018-03-1 (05:17 AM) x
(9092172773) Shri:
fuck you

2018-02-27 (01:34 PM) x
(3185712846) angel:

2018-02-27 (09:37 AM) x
(8883423308) Michael:
SCAM....... SCAM...... .SCAM.......
I got several calls from 888-342-3308 number, guy said his name id Jack than transferred to Ellen, where they asked me give remote of my computer else they will delete my Microsoft licence. They were scammer.
They get in to my PC and black my screen and locked it. And asked me to pay $500 to remove this. They threaten me that they will pullput all of my money from my checking. I paid him $499.99
I have been scammed when my frienison came to my home and informed about these things. He did the same black screen and locked it infront of my eyes and made this normal in seconds.
Beware if this guy named, Jack or Ellen.

2018-02-26 (06:50 PM) x
(5122897049) jesus:
he is very genereous and sheet

2018-02-26 (01:47 PM) x
(9108711785) surya k:
gentle men

2018-02-25 (10:34 AM) x
(9544103823) yess:
i gets call from +9544103809 fucked up 10 missed call started from
last three days!!!. whats going on guys?!!!

2018-02-22 (11:52 AM) x
(9126372445) Raju:
Call me

2018-02-20 (11:20 AM) x
(9392469542) R,naresh:

2018-02-19 (04:41 PM) x
(7349120360) Nadeem:

2018-02-19 (01:21 PM) x
(9759559716) Amit:

2018-02-18 (04:45 PM) x
(2038867981) jrod gambino tattagli:
soy yo Andrea damas te amo

2018-02-16 (07:14 PM) x
(2532675446) Drool:
called my home phone did not leave a message I do not know anyone from the 253 area code nor do I care to know them I suspect a scam here

2018-02-15 (03:28 AM) x
(7577564012) Dalton:
Hottest dude I know

2018-02-14 (05:26 AM) x
(8768735697) 8768735694:

2018-02-13 (08:58 PM) x
(8097645765) bellota racista:
nesesito informacion de ese numero

2018-02-12 (05:11 PM) x
(3195938140) sebastain:

2018-02-10 (12:41 AM) x
(9126517182) Abdul Rashid:

2018-02-7 (06:10 PM) x
(4168801689) Big John Mat:
he has a big john in his basement

2018-02-5 (05:21 AM) x
(7842423601) CHADA SHARATH:

2018-02-4 (02:39 PM) x
(7317734336) kaouski singh:

2018-02-4 (05:43 AM) x
(9566226470) Sandy Mari:
i very like my no

2018-02-2 (12:11 AM) x
(8888810872) 0872888881:
Tell me about number

2018-02-1 (10:56 AM) x
(9132903465) MRIDULA BARUAH:

2018-01-31 (04:19 PM) x
(8808954799) राजा:

2018-01-30 (06:46 PM) x
(4047407714) JEFFREY:

2018-01-30 (05:57 PM) x
(2135719320) Advertisement:
Don't pickup this phone call.

2018-01-30 (06:00 AM) x
(9098132695) GURPREET:

2018-01-29 (09:45 PM) x
(9147703104) TJ:
Hung up on my cell phone, no message left.

2018-01-26 (04:38 PM) x
(8472500122) Steven:
This is my number. I don't make unsolicited calls. You must have filled out a form requesting information.

2018-01-26 (10:16 AM) x
(9993844212) upanshu singh thakur:
find me

2018-01-25 (07:41 PM) x
(8689091160) sowmiya:

2018-01-25 (09:08 AM) x
(8059055270) Judy Peng:

2018-01-23 (09:14 PM) x
(2012279431) Microsoft - Dave:
He 'fix' your computer - calls multiple times daily

2018-01-23 (09:12 PM) x
(3312071635) air duct:
robo call

2018-01-23 (04:06 PM) x
(7699931265) Haradeb Roy:

2018-01-23 (10:22 AM) x
(6645719969) Manuel:
Donde está

2018-01-23 (08:33 AM) x
(8655288680) i m the best:
my rules my life

2018-01-23 (08:28 AM) x
(8655288676) chor baniya:
maha kanjus

2018-01-21 (10:50 PM) x
(8143314470) bill:
Alarm Scam

2018-01-20 (11:42 PM) x
(9203768672) -:
Owner is calling and demanding money. After contacting the police about his claim, they have confirmed this is a scam.

2018-01-19 (07:09 AM) x
(9007597764) Rendi sushmita:

2018-01-18 (07:25 PM) x
(7064102904) idk found it on my pc:
???????? help ls

2018-01-18 (02:52 AM) x
(3043456807) lia:
te quiero mucho

2018-01-17 (08:51 PM) x
(8443046503) Collette Vactions:
They called me back from this number when our call was disconnected

2018-01-16 (04:10 PM) x
(9084710811) Anjali raghav:
Anjali raghav

2018-01-16 (12:08 PM) x
(7064116414) SK MUKTAR:

2018-01-16 (12:50 AM) x
(6367344317) Bob Marley:
He is your mom. Deal with it.

2018-01-15 (04:23 AM) x
(7379644221) putan:

2018-01-12 (03:23 PM) x
(9105930023) Capital one bank:
Calling for debt

2018-01-11 (03:21 PM) x
(6137140596) TC:
This is a tax fraud scam caller ID. They do not state they are the government of Canada but they do state that you should call this number back. It is clear they are not masking their number as the phishing scam is continued by calling them back on the same number they are calling you on. There may be call forwarding in play but that would still mean they must own and control this number. Do not fail for their tricks. Do not call back and block this number on your phone!

2018-01-10 (04:35 AM) x
(9135089370) rushani parween:

2018-01-9 (11:57 PM) x
(4412651170) Harold M:
Scam alert

2018-01-9 (09:58 AM) x
(9809117142) sunita:

2018-01-7 (07:32 PM) x
(9126787417) Q:

2018-01-5 (04:24 PM) x
(9105402380) Pagal:
Kiya he

2018-01-4 (11:10 PM) x
(5541434935) Antonio:
Mensaje de server

2018-01-3 (09:50 PM) x
(8337125137) de:
got the same call by 2 different names first 1 was bretney Thompson. the other was nacole. says there going to serve me @home or place of employment on wed jan 3rd between 3pm and 5pm and I am to show photo lD,like drivers licence/ who are these people? and what do they want they don,t say what or who is the person is.

2018-01-3 (07:43 PM) x
(4104248775) Caleb Stanley:
Caleb Stanley

2018-01-2 (08:16 PM) x
(7162707976) Michael:
This number is a constant rash....then it goes away only to come back....total scam, waste of breath

2018-01-2 (07:57 PM) x
(8337125137) MLD:
Says they’re going to “serve” me at my residence or place of employment on Tuesday January 3rd between the hours of 3pm & 5pm. And I am to have photo ID, preferably drivers license, ready. Lady's name was Emily Dean but I can't call the number back. Contacted the local sherriff's office.

2018-01-2 (06:28 AM) x
(8012817782) MAXSON:

2018-01-2 (06:00 AM) x
(8592838245) lo:

2017-12-29 (10:07 PM) x
(8337125137) LAD:
Says they’re going to “serve” me at my residence or place of employment on Tuesday January 2nd between the hours of 3pm & 5pm. And I am to have photo ID, preferably drivers license, ready.

2017-12-27 (11:03 PM) x
(7657534556) T:
Unknown number unknown person Keeps calling and wont stop. No message left either.

2017-12-26 (08:24 PM) x
(7015688398) Kamla ji:
R/o bhiwani

2017-12-26 (07:49 PM) x
(2014845870) Gabrela:

2017-12-26 (03:39 AM) x
(7729012865) umakanthjeerla:
Hi friends

2017-12-24 (03:17 PM) x
(9169921008) imran:
call details

2017-12-23 (11:48 AM) x
(8169473335) N.kumar:

2017-12-23 (12:47 AM) x
(9283779268) Holloway:
A crackhead photographer from Arizona who likes to threaten people for posting honest reviews. Stay away from these people.

2017-12-22 (05:25 PM) x
(9597580130) rawthar:
from name ide

2017-12-22 (05:24 PM) x
(9597580130) rawthar:
from name usr ide

2017-12-22 (05:22 PM) x
(8675344934) azar:
name for dedal

2017-12-21 (01:23 PM) x
(4146229128) jimmy:

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